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Admission Requirements include: 

House Programming includes: 

● Must have completed a 30 day treatment program or a detox program; enrollment into IOP during stay is strongly encouraged

● Male, some age restrictions may apply

● Administration fee of $300 upon acceptance of completed application

● Must attend a twelve step or sobriety program four (4) days a week for the first 90 days of residency in home

● Some restrictions may apply to those with outstanding legal issues (e.g. warrants, unpaid tickets, back child support, etc.)

● Must be able to pass a drug screening upon admission and random screenings during residency

● Full time employment is required within 30 days of admission (or school/university) 

● AA meetings in-house

● Spiritual groups in-house

● Regular off-campus outings

● Volunteer opportunities are provided and encouraged

● Optional Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) available​ 

  • In conjunction with a local treatment center


● Random UA screenings

● Mentoring 

Pets are not permitted. 
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