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Recovery Coaching 

Explore our Recovery Coaching services at Spain Sober Living, where we recognize the vital role of a dedicated coach in the recovery process. Recovery coaches offer personalized support, guidance, and accountability to help residents navigate their journey to sobriety successfully. While optional, this service is invaluable for those seeking additional assistance and motivation in their recovery efforts. Please note that our Recovery Coaching service is provided through a third-party affiliation and may incur separate costs. Contact us to learn more about how a recovery coach can enhance your recovery journey at Spain Sober Living.

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Program Outline:

Goal setting and planning: A recovery coach will help the individual set personal goals for their recovery and create plans to achieve those goals. This may include establishing routines, setting milestones, and creating action plans.

Emotional support: A recovery coach will provide emotional support, encouragement, and motivation. Using their own lived experience the coach can understand the challenges and empathize with the client.

Accountability: A recovery coach will help the individual stay accountable to their recovery goals. They will check in regularly to track progress and provide guidance when needed.

Resource Connection: A recovery coach will connect the individual with a wide range of resources such as recovery groups, support groups, employment services, housing, social services or educational programs. The coach serves as a bridge to other services and organizations that can be beneficial.

Crisis Management: A recovery coach will help handle crises and can help the individual navigate challenging situations without relapsing. They may assist with developing coping strategies and other skills to manage stress and triggers.

Community Integration: A recovery coach will encourage individuals to build a support network that includes family, friends, support groups, and community resources. This network is crucial for sustaining long-term recovery. Holistic Wellness: This program takes a holistic approach to recovery, focusing not only on stopping harmful behaviors but also on improving overall well-being, health, and life satisfaction.

Areas of focus:

• Recovery pathway

• Life skills

• Relationship skills

• Employment search

• Financial management

Navigate accountability for legal obligations

• Application for social services

• Housing options

• Emotional regulation

• Interest and Hobbies

• Health and Fitness


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